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Hello, and welcome to The City of London Academy, Southwark,

Our Academy is a centre of excellence in the Borough of Southwark, sponsored by the City of London Corporation. Our aim is to provide a broad, high quality education with an added focus on Business & Enterprise and Sports as our chosen specialisms.


The City Academies Initiative (now the Academies Initiative) was announced in July 2001 as a key Government scheme both for the creation of new schools and for generating innovation and improvement in educational provision.
Academies are publicly funded independent schools. They replace schools in challenging circumstances or are set up as part of a wider school reorganisation, or fulfil an unmet demand for school places. Academies are schools with state-of-the-art facilities for students aged 11 to 18 of all abilities. The City of London Academy (Southwark) is sponsored by the City of London Corporation in conjunction with the DfE.

The Academies are intended to have a broad curriculum with a core specialisation and an emphasis on the needs of the individual pupil. They are expected to provide significant out of school learning activities, to introduce innovative ways of developing and delivering the curriculum and to encourage participation of partners in curriculum delivery, mentoring and work experience. ICT must be used, as appropriate, to support all learning.

Academies are, of course, subject to Ofsted inspection as are all other state-funded schools. Each Academy is set targets against agreed performance indicators. The Academies are intended to be ‘at the heart of their community’ sharing facilities with other schools and other organisations in the local area. Sponsors are given considerable freedom over management processes and structures as well as the length of the school day, terms and year. The Academy is allowed to select up to 10% of the intake on the basis of aptitude for the school's specialism.

Aims and Objectives

The City of London Academy is a centre of educational excellence in north Southwark. It plays key roles in strengthening secondary education standards, and in regenerating an area that has high social and economic deprivation. The Academy maintains close links with the City of London, in particular the financial and commercial community.
‘The educational vision for the Academy is based on a culture of high expectation and achievement within a caring community.’ ~ Supporting statement to planning application, October 2001
The overall aim of the City of London Academy (Southwark) project is to raise student attainment through the development of entrepreneurial and business skills.

The key objectives are:

•To extend opportunities for high quality education in a well designed environment
•To raise the aspirations and achievement of pupils through close links with business and commerce in the City of London and elsewhere
•To provide inclusive education, catering for a fully comprehensive intake of pupils
•To promote styles of teaching and learning which develop independent and flexible thought, problem solving, perseverance and team working
•To provide a rich educational environment that includes high standards of information technology, computing and communications equipment, creating an integrated learning community
•To actively involve parents in learning through outreach and community
•To provide education and cultural facilities that can be shared by the wider
•community throughout the year.

Ownership & Governance

The City of London Academy (Southwark) Ltd. is a charitable company, which owns and maintain the building and premises at 240 Lynton Road. The Trust has a Board of Directors that acts as the Governing Body. As this is a state maintained independent school, the Trust is the staff employer.

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