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How is your future looking?
Is it time to make a change?
You may think it's too late for you.
If so, you're just who we're looking for.
Myrrh is your opportunity to improve your future.
Don't take our word for it - the stories from our learners show it can be done.

About us

Myrrh Education and Training is a registered charity founded in 1993. Its mission is to provide training for those who have found it hard to find training elsewhere or who would benefit from training with Myrrh. Myrrh is based in south London and operates on three sites.

Most of the learners who come to Myrrh are adults. That means you often need to fit learning into a busy life. You may have part-time work and want hours to suit. You may need childcare or a course that runs between school hours. When you start, can agree an individual learning plan with attendance to suit you. We will work with you to sort out any practical problems.

Joining Myrrh will not be like going back to school. Our learners spend most of their time in practical settings like motor vehicle workshops and working kitchens. You can train to become a

Course information

All courses are designed to make you ready for work

- all our staff are qualified
- all staff have experience in the area of work and industry
- introductory courses lead on to qualifying and advanced courses
- training areas are designed to be like the workplace
- tools and equipment are those you would use at work
- some courses serve real customers
- some courses include work experience with real employers
- you are trained and tested through real work tasks
- all qualifications are recognised by employers (mostly National Vocational Qualifications or NVQs)
- our courses develop the skills employers say they need
- all learners also have the chance to improve the essential skills that employers are looking for
- all learners have the chance to work on computer skills
- all learners are helped to plan their career and next steps

What we can offer

One of the main aims of Myrrh is to support our Learners in gaining employment. This means that our links with employers are very important. Myrrh currently has a bank of placements that are used within Early Years/Childcare and Health & Social Care. All placements are vetted for health & safety prior to the learners engagement.

We have links in a number of varied ways:

Work Placements.
This is where Learners have the opportunity of gaining real life work experience with employers appropriate to the type of jobs that Learners can expect to get when the qualify in their chosen field.

Work Placement Officer.
Myrrh has a dedicated member of staff [Irene Bormotova] who actively arranges work experience for our Learners. Irena also has close links with local careers and advice centres and is able to offer expert careers advice and guidance to Learners.

Staff Professional links.
Most of our staff have close links with their relevant areas of work. Some colleagues [e.g. Painting & Decorating] currently work part-time in their professional fields and are able to bring the most up-to-date skills to teaching and learning.

Industry Professional Body links.
We have good links with the Industry Standards organisations that ensure that we conform to the highest standards of practice. For example The Institute Of The Motor Industry regularly certificate.

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