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South London Apprenticeship fair is a networking and employment opportunity created and run by young people for Offbeat youth organisation in Camberwell.


Long before the riots, Offbeat identified the challenges for young people struggling to find work in South London, even those with university degrees. The plan was to create a careers fair for the local community but the number of young people registering far exceeded expectations and they came from across the south London area. The South London Apprenticeship Fair is now an annual event giving young people employability skills, connections and direct contact to employers.

Thank you to those companies who have repeatedly supported SLAF and welcome to all those SMEs across South London coming to offer opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships and jobs. Thank you to our speakers who take time out to inspire and expand career horizons to assist young people to improve their future prospects.

Event overview

South London Apprenticeship Fair
The South London Apprenticeship Fair (SLAF) 2012 is a unique event in the apprenticeship calendar. A recruitment fair and networking event for young people, run by young people.

Over 700 attended in 2011! Post riots and the inspiration of the Olympics we are expecting visitor numbers to increase massively.

SLAF is brought to you by Offbeat, a not for profit youth organisation now helping to tackle youth unemployment in the South London community.

Working with other youth groups, local employers, apprenticeship brokers and providers, colleges, universities and schools, SLAF creates a dynamic network environment to encourage and equip young people who want to achieve. Hundreds will come from across the boroughs of Southwark, Greenwich, Lewisham, Bromley and Lambeth seeking routes to their desired career by accessing the skills and expertise offered under one roof.

The Fair is divided into 4 zones: Entrepreneur & technology, creative arts, apprenticeship & employability and Business.

The E&T zone is giving cheap space to pop up entrepreneurs to show young people how others have put their dream into practice; especially with the aid of technology. Seminars about tax, red tape, government funding, credit choices and how to make the best use of social network marketing.

C&A is about apprenticeships, work experience, and making connections. Seminars and workshops will be running all day with speakers from Channel 4, BBC, Media trust, Choice Radio, fashion companies and magazines. Other activities include singing and acting auditions, Photographic shoots and other exciting opportunities to explore creative openings.

A&E is the career preparation zone. CV polishing, Great tips on filling out difficult online applications and interpreting job specifications.

Apprenticeship seminars will run all day for employers as well as the young people: Explaining in simple terms the benefits for everyone including the opportunities for innovation in the workplace which will come from the next generation. Experts and recruitment companies is bringing insider knowledge to offer young people a head start in what is a very competitive job market.

This zone will also host representatives from all the job centres across South London, Southwark works, colleges, and apprenticeship providers.


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