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educationSORT is a local search engine for nurseries, schools and colleges predominantly located south of the river Thames. It has been launched to help local people, primarily parents and/or guardians, access to information about local education providers when applying for the next stage of their child’s or their own educational path. educationSORT has been designed to make your search a much easier journey with an easy to navigate database of education providers by level and location, full profiles and up to date education news.

educationSORT has been designed to help you in your decision making process of where to send your child to nursery or the next stage of their schooling life, or even search for a college or further education for yourself. Mainly for parents/guardians or current students south of the river Thames, we largely cover the boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Wandsworth, Bromley and Greenwich, to name but a few. However, we endeavour to include education providers in the surrounding areas who are seeking learners from your local area.

This website has been produced by Southwark Newspaper Ltd. We are a local independent publishing company that prints the Southwark News, Lambeth Weekender and the Southwark Weekender. We pride ourselves on being a local and independent company that provides a voice for both boroughs.

We hope you find this website an asset to your search.

Good luck!

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