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jobSORT is a local job search engine for vacancies predominantly south of the river Thames. It has been launched to help local people into local jobs. jobSORT has been designed to make your job search a much easier journey, with key features including an easy to register, simple to navigate database of vacancies by industry and location, secure CV matching service, regular job alerts, full employer profiles, up to date jobs news and featured employers, jobs and ‘Job of the Week’.

jobSORT has been designed to help any job seeker, regardless of your age, current employment status, profession and current position. Due to a demand from both job seekers and employers for local employment opportunities, we have tried to keep your job search as local as possible to the area within which you are seeking. Primarily for job seekers and employers south of the river Thames, we largely cover the boroughs of Southwark, Lambeth, Lewisham, Wandsworth, Bromley and Greenwich. However, we endeavour to include employers in the surrounding areas who are seeking candidates from your local area.

This website has been produced by Southwark Newspaper Ltd. We are a local independent publishing company that prints the Southwark News, Lambeth Weekender and the Southwark Weekender. We pride ourselves on being a local and independent company that provides a voice for both boroughs. We regularly run employment campaigns in our three local papers to show our local readers how to obtain employment, change jobs or up-skill and are constantly calling on local employers to provide an accessible route for our local audience to obtain local jobs of all ranges of industries and levels. You can also find vacancies in our papers - namely the weekly Southwark News, fortnightly Lambeth Weekender and monthly Southwark Weekender.

We hope you find this website an asset to your job search and secure yourself a successful and rewarding job.

Good luck!

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